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Mechanical Engineering Department

Amirkabir University of Technology

      ( Tehran Polytechnic) 

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Strength of Materials and Quality Control Research Center (AMTM)

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1- Education

PhD: Mechanical Engineering Ottawa University , Ottawa , Canada

M.Sc.: Structural Engineering Tehran Polytechnic, Tehran Iran ,

B.Sc.: Mechanical Engineering Tehran Polytechnic , Tehran Iran ,


2- Research Interests

Applied Mechanics, Mechanics of Solids and Structures, Experimental Mechanics, Quality Control of Structures, Structural Modeling and Experimental Techniques, Standardization, Fracture Mechanics, Finite Elements Modeling, Vibration of Plate and Shells, Composite Design of Structure, Viscoelastic Analysis of Materials, Composite materials, Machine Design, Light Weight Structures.


3- Professional Experiences :

1- Head of the Strength of Materials Lab, Mechanical Engineering Dept.

2- Head of the Experimental Stress Analysis Lab, Mechanical Engineering Dept.

3- Head of the Strength of Materials and quality control research center.

4- Head of the Laboratory Instruments Design Center

5- Member; Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI)


4- Patents :

1-Multipurpose Mechatronic Clutch for Automobile


5- Under Graduate Courses :

1- Finite Element Methods

2- Machine Design 1&2

3- Engineering Mechanics, Statics

4- Strengths of Materials 1&2&3

5- Strengths of Materials Lab


6- Graduate Courses:

1-  Experimental Stress Analysis


7- Standardization of National Standards and Codes:

1- Rubber–Bridge bearings–Specification and test method

2- Copper wire for electrical industrials-Specification

3- Steps for underground man entry chambers–Requirements, marking, testing and evaluation of conformity

4- Conveyor belts-Electrical conductivity–Specification and test method

5- Conveyor belts-Specification for rubber or plastics covered conveyor belts of textile construction for general use

6- Raised access floors


8- Conference Publications:

1- A.Shafiee, Y.Alizadeh, and D. Redekop

Free Vibration of Two Mechanically Coupled Rectangular Plates Cancam 03 Conference, University of Calgary , Calgary , Alberta ,Canada , September 3, 2003.

2-Y.Alizadeh, M.Ghajari

Design of Torque Measuring Device for Machining and Grinding of Large Circular Tubes. 5th SMEIR.

3- Y.Alizadeh, L.Hamadanei, P.Jaloli

Mechatronical Clutch for Automobile, Mechatronics Conference of IRAN .

4- Y.Alizadeh, H.Rohani,

Optimum Design for Access floor 5th SMEIR.

5- A. Rahimi, Y.Alizadeh, A.Kosarinia,

Design and Calibration of Compound transducer of Load cell and torque meter,6th SMEIR.


9- Journal Publications:

1- M. Hasani Tabatabaei, Y.Alizadeh, S.Taalim

Effect of Various Surface Treatment on Repair Strength of Composite Resin , Journal of Dentistry, TUMS 2004; vol1.No.4

2- A. Shafiee, Y.Alizadeh, D.Redekop

Free Vibration of Completely free coupled orthotropic rectangular Plates, Journal of Sound and Vibration

3- S. Mirza and Y. Alizadeh

Free Vibration of Partially Supported Triangular plates, Computer Structure, Vol.51, No, 2pp. 143-150, 1994


10-  Graduate Students Supervised:

10-1. PhD

1-S.Mozafari, Evaluation of the Effect of Ferrule and its Length on Fracture Resistance of Maxillary Central Incisors with Post Core and PFM Crowns(1385).

2-S.Taalim, The Effect of Various Surface Treatment on The Repair Strength of Composite Resin (1381).

10-2 . Master

1-A.Shafiee, Investigation on Natural Frequencies   and Modal Shapes of Satellite Panels (1378).

2-H.Baseri, Design and Manufacturing of 3-Dimensional Tensile and Compression Testing Machine

3-E.Kosarinia, Investigation on Theoretical and Experimental Effecting Parameters on Torque-Load for Fastener (1382).

4-P.Maleki, Investigation and Research on Principal Effective Parameters on Cotton Cutting Machine (1383).

5-A.Amali, Design and Manufacturing of Reciprocating Fatigue Machine.

10-3. B.Sc

1-S.H.Mohseni Salehi, Standard Performance Test Code in Compressors (1384)

2-M.Bakhshande, Design and Test Methods for High Pressure Gas (CNG) Storage (1384)

3-N.Tosizadeh, Design Standards and Calculation of Load Capacity of Bevel Gear (1384)

4-S.R.Jafari Tafti, Investigation on Free Vibration of Plates by Finite Element Method (1383)

5-M.Bayat, Design and Synchronization of Double Hydraulic Ram(1383)

6-A.Kamali, Product and Standard Test Methods of Fasteners (1383)

7-A.Shabani, Standard Guide and Test methods for Hot-Dip Galvanized Coating (1383)

8-M.Azad, Standard Specification of Fasteners (1383)

9-M.Tolami, Design and Construction of Semi-Automatic Clutch (1382).

10-A.Soltani, Investigation on Free Vibration and Modal Shape of Partially Supported Plates(1382)

11-F.Kabe Nejadian, Finite Element Software for Analysis and Design of 3-Dimentional Trusses (1382)

12-S.Mirza Babaee, Design and Construction of Lubricating Cycle for Two–Stroke Motor (1381).

13-M.Ghajari, Design of Torque-Meter and Torsion Machine (1381).

14-Y.Hashami, Design and Construction of Digital and Optical Extensometer.

15-M.Rahimi, Design of Load Cell Based on Shear Stress (1381).

16-H.Rohani, Analysis of Plates with Stiffener by Finite Element Method (1381).

17-M.Bakhshi, Design of Cotton Cutting Machine(1381)

18-S.A.Asadi, Development of Internal Combustion Engine Quality Control Information Software(1380)

19- Design of Drop Hammer Impact Machine (12 Tons) (1380).

20-M.Ahangari, A.Hemmati, Design of 3000N.m Torsion Machine (1380).

21-G.Ghasemi, Stress Analysis in Plate with Elliptical Hole (1380).

22-H.Semnani,R.Khademi, Design and Construction of Universal Tensile and Compression Hydraulic Machine (1380).

23- Design and Construction of Hydraulic and Electrical Circuit for Universal Tensile Machine (1380).

24- Design ,Construction and Examination of 3- Axial Universal Tensile Machine (1380) .

25-M.Hajizadeh,M.Bakhtiari, Analysis and Optimization of Transmission Tower’s Structure With NISA (1379).

26- Design and Construction of Impact Machines for Plastics (1379).

27-H.Golamalifard,B.Kazemi,  Design and Construction of Closed and Open Section Torsion Test Apparatus (1378) .

28-S.A.Hashiminasab,Design and Construction of Point Welding Machine(1378)

29- Design of Hydraulic System for 3- Axial Universal Tensile Machine with 200 Tons Capacity).

30-S.Ketabchi, Design of Two Stroke Motor with Planetary Gear Trains (Sun Gear).

31- A.Alizadeh Roshdi,Investigation of Low Temperature Impact Behavior of Metals (1374).

32-M.Gorbani, Standardization and Finite Element Analysisof Elastomeric bearings.


11- Independent Researches :

1- Y.Alizadeh, M.R.Eslami, M.Rezaeian

Establish of Research Laboratory for Investigation on Mechanical Properties of Materials Under 3- Dimensional Stresses.

2- M.Seddighy, Y. Alizadeh

Research on Mechanical Properties of Elastomeric Bearings.

3- M.Salehi, Y. Alizadeh

Analysis of Elastic Plastic Compound Circular Plates.


12- Industrial Research Contracts :

1- Investigation on Transmission Tower Hardware and Dynamic Behavior of Spacer Damper

(Dameghan Industrial Group).

2- Investigation on Quality of Elastomeric Dampers

(Part Lastic Co).

3- Investigation on Torque-Load Relation in Bolts and Nuts

(Sanayie Felezi Iran Co).

4- Quality Control of Fastener

(Iran Tohiad Co).

5- Quality Control of Materials for High Voltage Transmission Lines and Spacer Dampers

(Sanaye Bargh-e Namedar).

6- Investigation for the Quality of the Structural Materials in Transmission Lines

(Mohandesi Tajhizate Bargh-e Iran Co).

7- Investigation on Quality of Steel Towers Materials

(Niroo Faran Factory).

8- Investigation on High Quality Materials for Design of Transmission Towers

(Tarh Gostran Poya Co).

9- Investigation and Research on Galvanization of Materials for Transmission Towers

(Gam-e Arak Co).

10- Research on Fatigue of Wind Turbines Shafts

(Saba Niroo Co).

12- Quality Control for Milad Tower’s Steel Structure

( Sadeed Co).

13- Investigation on Torque–Load Relations for Bridge Fasteners

(Azaran Co.)


13- Design and Provision of Test Facilities for:

1- Fasteners.

2- Quality Control of Welds (PQR).

3- Impact Testing in Low Temperatures.

4- Spacer Damper Fatigue.

5- Energy Absorption of Jetty Dampers.

6- Automobile Dampers.

7- Elastomeric Bearing.

8- Torque–Load in Fasteners.

9- Access Floor.

10- Waterstops.

11- Automobile Parts.

12- Train Parts.

13- Motor Parts.

14- Dentistry Cements.

15- Composite Materials.

16- Oil and Gas Industry Valves.

17- Thin Walled Pressure Vessels.

18- Chain and Cable.

19- Quality Control of Coating.

20- Tubes and Boiler in Elevated Temperatures.

21- Springs and Spacer Dampers.

22- Quality Control of Transmission Lines Hardware.

23- Fabricated Reinforced Wire.

 24- Space Structure Joints.

25- Bend and Re-bend Test.

 26- Safety Belts.

27- Torsion of Open and Closed Sections.

28- Measuring of 3-Dimensional Loads.

29- Calibration of Load Cell and Torque Meter.

30- Structural Panels.

31- Manhole Steps.

32- Geotextiles.

33- Erichson Test.