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The MSc. program is aimed at extending and broadening the undergraduate background and/or equips practicing engineers with state-of-the art knowledge in their field. It is intended for students with the highest entry qualifications and motivation and provides an integrated program of foundation and specialist learning in an environment of quality. These students have typically completed undergraduate degrees in any branch of mechanical engineering. At Amirkabir University the average entry standard for engineering students is among the best in the country. The degree structure allows a reasonable amount of flexibility in the study plan. This flexibility can be exploited in the selection of courses from a wide range on offer. The options allow for specialization in numerous branches of mechanical engineering.


To satisfy the requirements for the degree, students are asked to complete 32 units. Each course is worth 3 units except a seminar with 2 units. The project is worth 6 units. Research progress is by nature somewhat unpredictable, and the time that is required to complete a thesis could vary. However, it will usually require between 20 and 24 months completing a masterís degree.






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