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Mechanical engineering

Mechanics is the study of forces, motions, and the deformation of solids, fluids and structures. It is one of the core disciplines, and as such, it applies extensively to both technology and science. Virtually every technological advance imaginable: vehicles, computer chips, disk drives, satellites, and structures, was achieved using the principles of mechanics.


Mechanical engineering is a very broad branch of professional engineering and mechanical engineers are found in almost every type of engineering activity. They are involved in power generation; transportation systems for land, sea and air; pollution control and environmental protection; biomedical engineering; and a wide range of industries, which manufacture machinery, consumer goods and offer research and technical services.


Mechanical engineers design machinery, engines, vehicles, agricultural and mining equipment, ships and household appliances. They are managers who run production lines, power stations and steel mills. They design and maintain coal conveyor systems, building services, oil and gas pipelines and port loading facilities. The great diversity of applications for mechanical engineers means they are much sought after in both commercial and industrial fields.


The aim of graduate courses in mechanical engineering degree is to provide students with a good background of core knowledge, together with basic analytical, practical, design and communication skills so that they can, on graduating, join a design, production or research team.






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