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Our research program stretches across traditional disciplines and projects span the entire spectrum of mechanical engineering, utilizing analytical, experimental and numerical techniques. Depending on the particular project, emphasis ranges from practical applications to exploring questions of a fundamental nature.


The department offers several major fields of research in applied mechanics, thermofluids and manufacturing and production. These may involve designs, computer simulations, feasibility assessments, reviews, practical evaluations and experimental investigations. Some of these projects are undertaken in collaboration with industrial and commercial partners.


Typical research topics in thermofluids include:


Additionally any thermofluids theme links several research groups within the department. The internal combustion engine group works closely with industry. Fundamental and applied research is in progress on engines and new technologies to meet future power unit requirements. Experimental research covers LDA topics and other developing areas of instrumentation. In the area of turbomachinery, researchers are developing both knowledge and applications of Squirrel-cage fans. The computational fluids dynamics group works on a diverse range of topics, frequently with applications in industry. Both in-house developed and proprietary CFD codes are used.


The Applied mechanics division has been recognized as a “Center of Excellence” by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education since 2001 , in the area of design and analysis of advance structures. The center of excellence of this division is recently approved on the area of thermoelasticity for the next five years. In addition, the division offers several major filed of research including:


·        Smart Structures and Functionally graded materials

·        Structural Shape Memory Alloys

·        Plasticity and creep of structures

·        Micro and macro-mechanics of composite materials

·        Fracture mechanics

·        Static and dynamic response of plates and shells

·        Machine Design , Analysis and Optimization

·        Computational Welding Mechanics

·        Design and Analysis of Combustion Engines

·        Spacecraft altitude and orbit control

·        Adaptive, optimal and nonlinear control systems

·        Aircraft and missile stability, guidance and control

·        Dynamics and control of heavy and passenger vehicles

·        Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and mobile robots



Finally the research program in manufacturing and production includes:



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