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Thermo fluids

Thermo fluids is the study of power generating machinery. This includes the development of new technologies associated with clean and efficient power generation, gaining an understanding of combustion and emissions in petrol-driven engines, studying efficiency and heat transfer in industrial furnaces and the design and development of air-conditioning systems for human comfort.


Energy is an essential element of modern societies and the key to economic development in emerging and less developed countries. It is the precursor for all commodities. Energy use sustains modern lifestyles and levels of economic development but it is also the major source of global pollution. The traditional energy resources are limited and the environmental impacts of fossil-fuel consumption rates are becoming increasingly apparent.


The department provides postgraduate education and training in energy related topics at MSc. and PhD. Levels. The thermo-fluids group is committed to the efficient use of energy and material resources. Interests are wide ranging and cover energy systems, renewable energy resources, heat transfer, turbomachines, industrial heating and cooling processes and building design. The MSc course in energy produces energy specialists with an in-depth understanding of energy and its rational use in the industrial and commercial sectors. It provides knowledge and practical experience of technologies and techniques for achieving energy efficiency and controlling environmental degradation in a cost-effective way.




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